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Weighted vs Unweighted Keyboards...? Which Should You Choose for Your Family's Piano?

I LOVE my Digital Yamaha Piano with weighted keys! It feels close to my Baldwin upright and with MIDI I can make it sound like any Piano I want AND record it!

Get the right start to your child’s musical journey with a weighted piano keyboard.

With a feel just like that of an upright (or Grand) piano, you and your child can practice with confidence and build the skills they need to become a master musician. Plus, with MIDI capabilities, you can experiment with different sounds and effects to create unique compositions. Don't wait - buy once and invest in their musical future with the a weighted piano keyboard.

Here is a great article from THE trusted source on why you want a weighted keyboard, especially for new learners!

I am always happy to make recommendations for you and your family. From a Digital Piano to a Baby Grand, I have experience in helping clients choose the best gear…. ONCE!


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