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March 2024 Student of the Month

Please let me introduce to you:

Dalia S.

About the Student of the Month:

Dalia started taking piano lessons in December 2021 with Ms. Debby. Dalia has two older sisters, a cat named Lucky and fish. Taylor Swift is her favorite singer. Her favorite movie is Despicable Me. Her favorite book is Harry Potter.

What does it mean to be student of the month to me?

Dalia feels very very happy and thankful that she was selected the student of the month.

Anything else you want to say?

Yes! Dalia loves Ms. Debby. She looks forward to her lessons as Ms. Debby makes them so much fun!

Criteria for Student of the Month:


Student is consistently prepared with necessary materials for lessons

Student is musically prepared for lessons-evidence of practicing

Student shows active participation in lessons by answering questions and engages in discussions

Student demonstrates understanding of musical concepts by actively listening while playing

Student is able to understand and implement changes from teacher

Student plays other instruments but not required


Student demonstrates outstanding musical performance through recitals

Student performs in outside concerts through their school but not required

Student is able to analyze critique their performance


Student shows exceptional composure during recitals

Student is a role model and leader for other students at the recital

Student volunteers effortlessly without being asked

Student shows their talents and music skills in a humble way

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